Butchery & Delicatessen


The selection of the best raw materials and the experience of the butcher’s at Es Cucó are reason for consumer loyalty for those who want to enjoy excellent meats and meat products in Ibiza. Many families and the best restaurants on the island rely on this store for supplies.

The supermarket stocks domestic fresh meat such as Iberian pork, meat imports from the U.S. or Germany, catering to restaurants, and meat from Ibiza such as lamb or chicken to delight customers. Es Cucó is also known for its homemade specialties like burgers, sausages, the national or Catalan “butifarra” (a type of sausage), cured hams and meat skewers, up to seven varieties in summer. For the Christmas period, their preparations and fillings are a classic.


Es Cucó's commitment to offer the best local and international products is also evident in the meat products section. Excellent Parma hams and hams from acorn-fed pigs, cured meats or cooked in the Iberian and local tradition, handmade German sausages produced in Ibiza and Italian products. Fresh or mature local Spanish, Swiss, Italian or French cheese, delicate pates and the star products: Es Cucó's handmade meat products. Mortadella salami, Iberian sausage, cooked ham, chicken breast, “sobrasada” spicy sausage, “butifarrones” and many more.